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The only way to build an early startup team.

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Startup Room
Cybersecurity Startup Matchmaking
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Sales People + Startup People

Bringing great people together to make the best things happen.

Which sales Personality will actualize your G2M strategy most effectively? 


Our on-boarding process includes developing a unique and out of the box search and company promotion strategy.  We precisely locate and connect you with the People  that you want representing and selling your product. We create a long term funnel for your future People needs. 

Reaching a Deal

Marketing People + Startup People

Someone who understands your go-to-market vision and then elevates it.


The first few marketing hires will affect the entire trajectory of your company's outward persona. This is a very personalized hire. We take an extremely nuanced approach to finding someone with the style, communication and experience that fits your company's needs.

Business People Mingling

Who are your People?
Employer Branding Services

Startup People who invest in building an intentional employer branding strategy will attract talented and inspired People to join them. 

 We can help you build a powerful employer presence, which you can take to the streets.  We want you to be seen as People doing amazing things together. It helps us help you. And long term you'll be on the path to recruiting independence. 


We can also train your staff on the tools and strategies that we use to build

People-Led Growth Startups. 

People + People = Amazing Results 

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